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Counselling and Therapy for Sex Workers

You might be already working in the industry, thinking about joining, or perhaps you have had a break from sex work and are thinking about returning. Matt works with all those who work in the business - parlour workers, performers, escorts, strippers, cammers, pro doms, adult film performers, pro subs and on-street and/or workers doing rent. Why you choose to see him may have nothing to do with your job. Working with someone who knows the business can be a great relief, especially when you are tired of people seeing you as your job first, rather than a human being like anyone else.  Matt is trained in therapy and counselling so can help you to explore anything that might be bothering you. He can also help with personal development needs, mindfulness training and general help and support for sex workers.

What Matt's clients are saying

You, and the work you do, has changed me and my life completely. Thank you.

Previous client.

About Matt

Matt has been qualified in counselling for eighteen years and has worked in the field of sex positivity for twenty five years. He is an empath - a natural healer - and as such he can work with you in a way that is dynamic, often bringing swift positive results. He specialises at working therapeutically with sex workers and can work with you on many concerns from personal development needs to anxiety and depression.

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MattVC Coach

What his clients say

I fully expected you to tell me there was no hope. In such a short space of time, you brought me right back around. I feel like me again. Thank you!

Client. Shared with permission.

For Sex Workers

As a trained therapist, Matt can help you with pe​rsonal and professional development. He sees sex work as just a job, whilst still being aware of the unique experience of each worker.  When you read the rest of the site you will get a good idea of his approach and how he can best support you.

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For Organisations

Matt trains organisations and individuals (therapists etc.) on how to work with sex workers appropriately - this often means dispelling myths and stereotypes of the industry and the people working in it. Please click 'learn more' for his consultancy and training fees and services. 

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